🏢 Business

What it is

A business is the representation of a company in your system, and just like a person, a business can take on different roles within applications and the data required for each of these roles may vary according to the product.


Depending on the role this business will take in the application it is necessary to register an individual that will be responsible for the information provided and for signing the agreements. This individual may be a business partner or an employee, but it needs to have permission to sign on behalf of the company.

You can create a business representative by following these 2 steps:
1) Create a person with the information required by the product list of variables.
2) Relate this person with the business with the "business/relations" endpoint.


In a vehicle financing product for business, you may need to register two businesses: one as a borrower and another one as a beneficiary (the car dealer).

The information needed for each will probably diverge as the borrower will need a credit and KYC analysis and for the seller, only basic data and a bank account will serve.

For the borrower, you may also need to create a person that will represent the business and be responsible by signing the agreement with the issuer.