🚀 Get Started with Issuing

A quick guide on how to create your first product and set it up running.


1) Create your products. 📦
With this endpoint, you'll be able to create the details of your product. You'll have to define the exact data structure by listing all the variables, required or not, to issue a loan related to this product.

1.1) Can't find the variable you need? 🔤
Use the variables endpoint to create your own custom ones.

2) Upload your loan agreement templates. 📄
Every lending product is related to an agreement that will be used to seal the deal between all entities related to the loan. Just upload your template file and update your product to relate it with this template. You'll be able to use the same agreement template in more than one product if they have the same data structure.

3) Register your originators. 💼
Originators are the distributors of the loan products. When registering them, make sure to give them permission to create applications for the products you want them to distribute. Note that If you don't specify any originator all the originators will be able to distribute this product.

4) Go live 🐎
After setting everything up is time to let the applications flow in. Jump to the Originator section to understand how your commercial partners can integrate with your products and bring customers in.

Don't forget we're here to help. If you have any doubts about this process just get in touch with our customer support team.