🔤 Variables


To give full flexibility for product building, we allow you to decide which variables will be used in your system. This way you'll be able to set the exact data structure you need for running decision rules and underwriting loans.

You'll be able to assign these variables to persons, businesses, and applications directly on the product, this way your originators will know what data to collect and send in their loan requests through applications.

You can use our default variables or create new custom ones, indicating the name, type, relation, and description.

How it works:

Variable Type


When to use

Default Variables

Variables that are pre-defined and automatically included with the system.

Some of them are used for calculations and validations.

Examples: full_name, birth_date, requested_amount, etc.

Whenever you need them.

Please note that they can't be edited or deleted from the system.

Custom Variables

Variables that the Issuer can create and utilize for building unlimited variations of data structure for your entities.

Here are some examples of custom variables for a person that is going to be a borrower in an Uber driver loan: driver_rating, partner_since, car_color, etc

When the variable you need is not listed in the default variables.

You can check the complete list by clicking here.